Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Beginnings

So much has happened lately. My wife has been in the hospital and then the recovery process has been hard. She is not a person that is sick often but to have pneumonia and possible blood clots in her lungs has really been hard. But God is really good even in the midst of all this.

Well, after 11 years of pastoring a church in St. Augustine, Fl, we get to start all over again. We have left the denomination we were a part of for the last 14 years. After much prayer and investigating the evidence we could no longer stand in integrity before the people and before God. So, we have begun a new work in St. Augustine called Christ the Deliverer. We are going to be an outward focused church-reaching out to the lost and serving St. Augustine. It is our desire to not just come to church but truly be the church. We want to change people's view about Christians and the church. We want to truly raise up "Christ Followers" who are impacting the society one person at a time.

Over the next months I will tell of our journey as we reach out.