Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Great Man

This is a great man. He is my grandfather Homer Bennett. He died in his early 40's of a brain tumor. This was one of the last pictures of him.

Finishing Well-A Lesson From the New England Patriots- Perry Noble

For some reason every time I read II Timothy 4:6-7 I want to cry like a baby…and I pray that for myself and the people that I serve with. It is not only my passion to see NewSpring Church accomplish far more than anyone could have ever imagined–but also to finish well–to be radically loved and respected by those who know me the best when my life is over.I’ve thought a lot about this since the Super Bowl. The Pats went 18-0 this past season, they had some incredible moments, set some outstanding records and were the talk of every sports show in the world; however, they will not be remembered for the eighteen games they won…but rather the one game they lost.They didn’t finish well.I’ve been in ministry for nearly 20 years now…and I’ve seen wonderful men of God accomplish great things for His Kingdom. However, I have seen some of those same men choose to make bad moral decisions, thus negating in everyone’s mind the victories they won for Jesus.Call that right or wrong–we can debate that all day long. The one thing that cannot be debated is this - that you and I will not be remembered for how well we started the race…OR how we endured during the middle…but rather how we crossed the finish line.I want to finish well…I want that for all of us.One more thing about the Pats…the week before the Super Bowl (and since) HOW they played the game has been called into question. Most of us have seen the allegiations from 2003 & how their coach has been accused of taping the Rams final practice. The thing that seems to make this believable is that he (their coach) was busted at the beginning of this year basically doing the same thing during the game.SO…whenever this past season is looked upon in football history there will always be some sort of cloud of doubt because…well…somewhere along the line INTEGRITY has seemingly been compromised.I have learned that in football…in ministry…in LIFE–INTEGRITY MATTERS! It makes no difference if we are growing great ministries if, somewhere along the lines, we feel like we need to compromise our integrity.Sometimes the desire to “win” can seemingly overshadow the call of God on our lives to run the race faithfully.I do not write this as a man who has it all together. AND…I am not judging ANYONE. When I see another minister choose a life of sin (NO ONE FALLS INTO IT), thus disqualifying himself from ministry I ALWAYS say, “By God’s grace that isn’t me!” I know my potential for sin is unlimited if I do not intentionally strive to keep my eyes focused on Jesus.BUT…what I do have is passion to play the game in such a way that honors God and inspires people…and that one day when I breathe my last breath those who knew me the best will stand around my coffin and say, “The one thing about Perry that I can say is that the guy loved Jesus, loved his family and loved NewSpring with every ounce of life in his body…he finished well.”

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

On of the greatest speakers-Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen