Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had the privilege of attending a meeting of pastors that Bishop Vaughn McLauglin is mentoring. I was so blessed to be with these men of God. During the meeting Bishop Vaughn spoke into my life and helped to stir up old dreams and visions that had been placed on the back burner.
Thanks Bishop.
Here is a quote from the day.
"What works is not necessarily right, but what is right will work."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Core Values of New Beginnings

    Core Values of New Beginnings Fellowship

    We Value People
    People matter to God
    We believe people matter to God and therefore they matter to us. God demonstrated the high value He places on people when He gave His very best, his Son, to provide the gift of salvation. Our assignment is to get the message of this good news to people so we can help them establish a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them to change their world.

    We Value Authencity
    People are to be real
    We believe that of all people Christ-Followers should be real. We are committed to learning to be honest and real with others and ourselves. We believe that being "super spiritual" is not a godly trait and should be avoided.

    We Value A Outward Focus Lifestyle
    Our mission is to those outside the four walls of the Church
    We believe that as Jesus said the world is the field. We are called not to hide behind the walls of our church building but to go out into the marketplace and present the good news of Jesus in simple practical ways. It is not about the words we say but about the deeds of love we do.

    We Value Generosity
    Givers instead of takers
    We believe that Jesus spoke of the importance of money frequently. About 80% of his parables centered around the need for all of us to have a proper perspective about this area of life. As a church and individuals, we freely give, not out of obligation or guilt or law, but out of excitement, joy and enthusiasm in order to extend the love of God to others.

    We Value Relevance
    Although our methods will change, our Message will not
    We believe the Bible is the most exciting book ever written, and we seek to share its’ good news in relevant environments. We will create appropriate environments for all ages.

    We Value Service
    Every member is a minister
    We believe God has equipped every Christ-Follower with gifts and passions so they can become difference makers for Jesus Christ. We will encourage everyone to use and develop their gifts and talents in service to our church, community, and the world.