Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Woman With Clubfoot Healed After 50+ Years

Linda was born in 1951 with Cerebral Palsy. She was premature, being born at 7 months and weighing approximately 4 lbs., 12 oz. When she was 4 & 1/2 Dr. Richard Walker lengthened her heel cords, but her right leg remained 5/8 " shorter than her left. She wore corrective shoes at night to keep her legs turned out. When she was 7 they turned her hips around. She wore leg braces until Jr. High and then she was put back into corrective shoes with bands. She started to fall again and her leg started to turn in and she has been using a walker for about 5 years. Linda says that God healed her speech and she is able to live on her own. She has been praying and asking God to make her legs the same length. Her friend invited her to the healing meeting and she says she felt the Lord touch her and it has been a very long time since that has happened. Her leg is now straight.

Linda came to the healing meeting on Sunday, June 8th. I had a Word of Knowledge after the worship through music time that someone was there with a knee problem. Linda came forward for prayer and was overcome by the Holy Spirit and fell to the ground. She laid there during the entire sermon and when she got up her right foot, which had been turned in, was straight. That same morning a lady by the name of Ellen came to visit the service. On Tuesday, June 3rd, I received a Word of Knowledge that someone with sleep apnea would be in the service. During the service he called out that someone was there with sleep apnea and Ellen came forward for prayer. Last Sunday, June 22nd, Ellen came back to church and shared with us that she knew God had touched her body. She also said that for four hours after the service, including her stop at Walmart, she felt like she was under a waterfall. She said that she is normally very high strung, and for four hours she had so much peace. She kept saying that she literally felt like she was standing under a waterfall. What she didn't know is that my 6 year old daughter told me after the service that she saw water being poured out over the congregation during the service. She has seen this once before and in that service several people said they felt like they were getting rained on.