Friday, November 03, 2006

Destiny in Selma, AL Part 2

What a day in Selma. Bp. John Holloway spoke this morning on Evangelism. It was great to hear him saying the same things I have been saying at St. Andrew's. Thanks be to God we are hearing what God is saying.

Great fellowship this afternoon. This evening the young adult band Surrender led the worship through music. Man it was great. The presence of God was very real tonight. Bp. Mike Davidson from the Central Province spoke and had the Word of the Lord.

After the service we discovered that someone broke out the glass on the drivers side doors of our truck and stole our DVD player. Talk about a let down. Coming from the presence of God to have to deal with this. But this is what it's all about. Learning to deal with the realities of a fallen world. Did I deal with it right? In some ways yes. In others no.

With all this happening, something really good must be right around the corner. God, I am ready for it.

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