Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Journey Along the Yellow Brick Road

On Sunday I will finish my current series "Evangelism is not a Dirty Word-Making the Gospel Good News Again." I have been dealing with Servant Evangelism. This final installment will be "A Journey Along the Yellow Brick Road." (Taken from Steve Sjogren's book -Changing The World Through Kindness and changed from spiritual warfare to servant evangelism.)

Each of the characters in the Wizard of Oz show us something that each of us go through in our journey toward learning to serve others. It is really going to be fun preaching this sermon. I even have a copy of the music of the yellow brick road to play at the beginning of the sermon.

New ways of doing things to get the people to remember and understand. Beginning to think outside of the box.

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Jeff said...

I'd love to see an outline of your notes! Love Steve's work. Blessings - Jeff

jeff ling