Saturday, March 21, 2009

They Can't Stop You-Steve Furtick

You probably remember the occasion when Gamaliel told the Sanhedrin to leave the disciples alone because:“If their purpose or activity is of human origin it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”Acts 5:38-39

If you are doing the work of God for the purposes of God in the power of God, you’re unstoppable too. Just like the early church. Just like Jesus Christ.

I don’t remember where I first heard this little quote, but it has enlivened me on many tough days (it’s even posted in one of my assistants’ office):When I want what God wants for the reasons God wants it I’m unbeatable and unstoppable.

Receive that today. Breathe it in. Then walk it out.

Maybe you’re a pastor squaring up with a carnal deacon board, trying to pursue a God given vision in the face of tremendous scrutiny and opposition.Stay on the wall, Nehemiah. That deacon board can’t stop you. God is fighting for you! Dream, implement, preach, evangelize, cast vision.It will come to pass.

Maybe you’re a parent trying to instill godly values into your child, and they’re putting up a hell of a fight every step of the way. Remember, your child isn’t fighting against you. According to Gamaliel, they’re fighting against God!And whether they know it or not, they’ve met their match. It’s just a matter of time ‘til He lands the knockout blow.Keep training, encouraging, correcting, disciplining, praising, mentoring, sowing. It will produce a harvest.

If God is for you, who can be against you?As long as you keep moving forward, you’re unstoppable!

Steve Furtick is the Lead Pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. (This posting was taken from

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Hetty4Christ said...

God is very much for us!! This I have found out thru the years of finally finding, and accepting Him! Big Amen...and in that-I know a few that were praying about that. Not my family, as for that isn't what we have in my family. So-that is my prayer-no matter what gets said-that they come to our amazing was tough first coming to Him in my family..they would look at me weird and make strange comments about it. But they began to learn it wasn't changing-but He was changing me-and for good-along with helping me in my health. So I keep praying for more questions from them-until the day they are thrilled and run to Him too!
God bless you!

In His Grip,


2 Corinthians 6: 1-2
"At just the right time I heard you,
On the day of salvation, I helped you."