Monday, March 02, 2009

Please Pray

This is a posting from a friend of my wife. Please pray for them. Here is a link to her blog-The Journey for Selah. God's favor, Joe

As you know, we are 1 out of 4 families that have been fighting for our children in Kaz. In the previous post, I had to share the heartbreaking news that 2 of the families were completely denied their adoptions. After years of bonding and loving these children, the court system in Kaz denied the ability for them to be a family.

This week, the 3rd family has their court hearing. Please be in prayer that they can go in peace and have the strength they need. Its going to be a hard week for them. Their hopes aren't too high at this point, given the news the other two families had a couple of weeks ago.

It is very hard to understand WHY these judges are trying to prevent these precious, innocent children from being with their families. And they don't understand that we are already bonded to our children. We have spent time with them, loved them, kissed them, fed them, talked about them, etc... They are OUR children. Not the government. Not anyone else. They are ours. And to strip them from us in this way is.... pure evil.

However, there are things that happen that we may never understand. But, i do know that without the peace, strength, joy, and contentment I have in Christ, I wouldn't be able to do this.

Please say a prayer for all four of us.

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