Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections (Really Monday Morning 2 AM)

  1. My topic today was a Year of New Beginnings. I believe that God going to do some amazing things in 2009 in St. Augustine.
  2. This weekend I began to Twitter. (This sounds like it may have hurt.) You can follow-my name is pastorjoeb.
  3. New Series to begin Jan. 18, 2009 called Change... Is it really possible? With all the talk about change coming with the new President we are going to explore where and how real and lasting change happens.
  4. Please pray for us we need to raise $5000 by Jan 2, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Love your core values. Especially the generosity point. You can't lose with that perspective. There is need for a lot of God's people to explore those values a lot deeper and to share their findings with one another and the culture at large. I think you will find there are lots of people who are excited about connecting with a group(s) who are headed in that direction. The challenge comes in communicating your heart in amazing ways to the burgeoning "Them."
Steve Sjogren