Saturday, September 13, 2008

Joseph was a dreamer/visionary

Joseph was a dreamer and it got him into trouble. In Genesis 37 we read two dreams that God gave to Joseph. The first dream was sheaves bowing down to him and in the second one there was the moon, sun, and eleven stars bowing down and worshipping him.

When Joseph told his brothers these dreams they became angry with him and the hatred they had for him increased. Why? Because they knew what he was telling them - they would bow down to him, their little brother! Although the dreams that he had were true and from God, that did not mean that people would get excited about them.

Have you ever had a dream or vision from God and when you told someone they did not get excited? Did they do just the opposite, and maybe got mad?

Joseph's problem was not the dream, but that he told the dream. We find no where in the passage from Genesis that God told him to tell it. What can we learn form Joseph's situation?

1. Never tell everything to everyone. Some things that God gives to you are for you alone.

2. Only tell those who respect your dream. Do not waste your time on those who disrespect it.

3. Sometimes you are to never tell it. Look at the revelation that God gave to Paul. He said that

there were things God showed him that he could never tell.

Another thing that you must remember is that family, even parents, may not encourage you. Some may even be jealous. It is not important that everyone is happy about what God has spoken to you or called you to accomplish. What is important is that God has spoken and that it has been confirmed and blessed by true spiritual authority.

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