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We Did Not Found Another Church

(This is an article from concerning the consecration of Eduardo Aguirre in Guatamla. There are some misspellings due to the translation software.)

"we did not found another church" Brazilian church endorses to Eduardo Aguirre By: Palencia Gem

Josivaldo Pereira, president of the Episcopal Council of the Brazilian Church, next to Eduardo Aguirre, to whom will order bishop. (Photo PL: Emerson Diaz).
Communitarian Journalism

Ten bishops of the denominated Brazilian church insisted on which its movement is not outside the Catholic Church, and showed yesterday to their support Eduardo Aguirre, excomulgado priest, to whom they will order bishop.

The prelates, who before were compatible to the Vatican, insisted on which they have not come to Guatemala to found a new church, but which they restore the church of the first Christians, in that the communities were independent. But the Catholic Church of Guatemala considers that that movement is a schism.

Apostolic succession
"we do not come to found a church, we come to transmit (to Aguirre) the apostolic succession to him, so that it can take care of the poor men", Josivaldo Pereira De Oliveira said, president of the episcopal advice of the Brazilian church, in press conference, a residence of zone 10.
They emphasized that the sacraments that they administer have validity, in spite of the opinion of the Vatican, and declared: "they are not property of Rome".

It added that they are open to the dialogue with all the churches that have like foundation to Christ and the love to the others.

Manoel Jose Gives Rocha, bishop of Foz d'Iguaçu, indicated that in Guatemala they attend historical a little while, with the consolidation of the movement of Aguirre. "he is not a traitor; it only wants to preach, and history will make justice ", assured.

It remembered that when the founder of his church, Carlos Duarte, separated of Rome in 1945, was described as treasonous, and now it is respected in Brazil.

"We come to say that the church of has a way without so many problems here, without so many obstacles, so that they can arrive", it exposed.

Historical tradition
Aguirre responded to the accusations of the Catholic Church to confuse the population. It expressed that its movement is based on the historical tradition, which rejects the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala.

It added that with time one will see if its movement continues, and this will determine if it is of God. The monks count on police protection, since he is afraid that he can have disturbances the next Saturday, in San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, for when the episcopal arrangement of Aguirre is predicted.

Who are?
The Brazilian church was founded on 1945 by Carlos Duarte Coast.
They integrate 53 bishops, 300 priests and approximately 500 thousand faithfuls.
They have presence in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Czech Republic, the Philippines and Tanzania.

They insist on the rejection
Alvaro Ramazzini, president of the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala, insisted on which the movement of Aguirre cannot be catholic nor to consider just like the Church of Rome.
"he could never be the same if they do not recognize the Pope", Ramazzini, that insisted on which their affirmations do not fit with the doctrine of the Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman, founded by Jesus Christ said.

"To deny the function and the presence of the papado one he is to deny the authenticity of the New Testament", affirmed.

Ramazzini questioned the interest of the priest Eduardo Aguirre by the comunión, when it was not arranged to engage in a dialog with the Catholic Church. It explained that it acted without the authorization of the bishops, without trying to speak with them.

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