Saturday, July 21, 2007

Theology of Laughter by Mark Batterson

I have posted this from Mark Batterson's blog . This is something we all need to remember.

With our Variety Show coming up this weekend, I thought I'd post a theology of laughter.I believe that the happiest and healthiest people in the world are the people who laugh at themselves the most. You've got to take God seriously. But you can't take yourself seriously.We laugh during prayer all the time at NCC because I like joking and I think God enjoys it too! There are moments to intercede with tearful intensity. But can you imagine a relationship with someone you never laugh with? Can you imagine your conversation never being sprinkled with a little humor? How boring! I think it's ok to bust out in gut-wrenching laughter during prayer every once in a while! God loves laughing with His children!Honestly, I think we grossly underestimate God's sense of humor! Just look at the baboon's butt. Why did God create it that way? I have a theory: God never stops laughing. I have three kids and they crack me up all the time! What with six billion of us running around doing and saying funny and silly things, there must be something absolutely hilarious happening somewhere all the time!I'm not suggesting that God isn't crying as well. But I think we've missed the sacredness of humor. I think it's part of the image of God. It is one of the capacities that sets us apart from the rest of creation. Hyennas cackle. But humans have the unique ability to laugh. Certainly loving God with all of your mind includes the medial ventral prefrontal cortex--the seat of humor!I believe the chief end of man is to glorify God and ENJOY Him forever! We tend to ignore the second-half. Maybe we need to take fun more seriously? For what it's worth, when we're hiring staff, a sense of humor tops the list of what we're looking for! If we can't laugh together we can't work together!Honestly, if our church services were a little more fun and a little more enjoyable we might have a few more people come back! I know I might take it on the chin for saying that church ought to be fun. I'm certainly not saying that it shouldn't be convicting as well. But what is one of the primary reason people don't go to church? It's boring!I don't think we stoop to the level of having fun because it's fun. I'm simply challenging us as spiritual leaders to cultivate the God-given ability to laugh. And it starts with the ability to laugh at yourself.

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