Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Mark of Stupid on the Church!

My wife was talking to a friend of ours who lives in another part of the country. Our friends have a little girl who is about 8 years old and is autistic. They recently moved to this city because of a job transfer. They began to look for a church to attend and found one. After attending a service, which they really liked, the children’s director came to them and told them that they needed to attend the other Sunday service. They explained that it was impossible for them to get to that service. But it didn’t matter. If this little girl was to be a part of the children’s ministry, there was only one service they would allow her to attend. The worst part was that there was no explanation given for this decision on the part of the children’s director.
When I heard this it made my blood boil. I can understand that from time to time we may not have staff to deal with situations that may arise in our ministries. But you deal with it in a way that Jesus would deal with it. Thank God that these people are long time Christ-followers who did not walk away from the Church. What would have happened if they were young in their relationship with the Lord or a "not yet believer." I can say they have left "that" church and are looking for another.

In our places of service God so many times gives us opportunities for innovation and servant-hood and we miss it. God please help us to not miss it - but get it right!

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