Monday, May 21, 2007

New Season - New Day

Last night my wife encouraged me to go to the Sunday night service at a fellow pastor's church (They were having a special speaker - Bishop Ken McNatt). She said she thought I just needed to get out and maybe God had something for me to hear or experience. Well, she was right. Bishop McNatt spoke about Joash being hidden in the Temple for years and at the right time he was brought out and crowned King.

Man did it hit home. That is just how we have felt. Like we were hiding out just biding our time for whatever was going to happen. Bishop McNatt said that there were some there in the service that God has had to hold back to prepare you for what is ahead. Now the appointed season was here. Now was the time to be released. I sat and cried because God was using this Pentecostal/Charismatic Bishop to speak the Word of the Lord to me. Things that I had been sensing and writing in my journal were being said by the Bishop.

We have now entered a new season and a new day. The work in St. Augustine is being taken out of the cave to impact people's lives. It's not about us - it's about the Kingdom!

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