Thursday, January 25, 2007

They Learn By Example

Couple of weeks ago my family and I went to Miramar, Florida, for the consecration of our new Bishop, David Simpson. After we had lunch, we went shopping. I took my oldest daughter (5 years old) with me and my wife took our youngest daughter with her. As Elizabeth and I were walking I saw a homeless man with his shopping cart sitting on a bench. As I saw him God spoke to me to give him $5.oo. In the past, I would have only asked if he wanted some food and gone and gotten it for him. But lately, God has been changing my heart. We walked over and I told the man that I felt like God wanted me to give him $5.00. He thanked me and we talked for awhile and we went on our way. Later, Elizabeth asked me why I gave the man some money and why he didn't have a house. So, dad explained as best I could to a 5 year old. I told her that God told me to give him money and I had to obey God.

Later that night at the service, Elizabeth made friends with the lady sitting behind her. She colored a picture for her and then gave her some of her pennies. That's a big deal! The lady did not want to take her money, but Elizabeth said "God told me to give them to you and I have to be obedient."

What example are we teaching by our actions?

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