Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Mad Money" Series

I began a series called "Mad Money" this past weekend. What a blast! Here is the "Top 10 Mad money list."

Ron Blue gives some really good advice: TOP 10 LIST
10. Evaluate you motives. Why move the target? Psalms 139

9. Run the numbers. Luke 14 Count the Cost

8. Consider your reputation - whatever we do with our time and money effects our reputations I Thes 5:22

7. Avoid get rich quick schemes Prov. 28:22

6. Give to the needs of others IICor 9

5. Never co-sign for a loan Prov 6:1-4

4. Avoid indulgences I Tim 6:6-8

3. Prepare for decrease because it will come Phil 4:10-13

2. Seek Godly Counsel
Safety in a multitude of counselor

1. Seek God's Presence
Not the stuff Matt 6:33

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