Thursday, November 09, 2006

Destiny in Selma, AL Part 4

The last night of Convocation was a real encounter with God. After the teaching, Abp. Jones began the ministry time. He had several "words of knowledge" and began to pray for people. He had the priests and deacons come up and pray for people. I know of at least 3 people who were deaf in their left ear and God restored their hearing. Many other miracles occurred.
Abp. Jones prayed for everyone and asked God to empower us to walk in this type of power in our home churches.

This past Sunday, after the worship through music time God began to give me several "words of knowledge" and I began to pray for healing. We have a man in our church that had a stoke 10 years ago and has not been able to move his leg without help since the stoke. After prayer he lifted the leg off the ground by himself. What a miracle! For 10 years he could not move the leg by himself and now he is moving it! Thank you God!!!

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