Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look at the hard times again

So many times as we go through hard times we forget the big picture. I have been reminded of this today.

In April of this year my church had to move out of its rented location after 7 years. This was really hard. We began to meet in a local Catholic Church but after a few months were asked to leave because the Spirit of God was moving and people were responsing with acts of worship. You know being free in their expressions. So, we moved back into a hotel meeting room.

About 4-5 weeks ago an employee of the hotel asked us to pray for her because she had cancer. We prayed that God would heal her and today she came and found me to tell me the physicians have said the cancer is gone with no treatment.

If we as a church and I as a pastor had not gone through the hard times we would not have been at this hotel for church services. It just reminds me to think about the hard stuff in a new light.

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