Friday, August 25, 2006

New Book

I have just begun to read "The Day I Died" by Steve Sjogren. Steve was the Lead Pastor at the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati. He when in to have his gall bladder removed and the doctors cut his aorta and he died on the table. By the grace of God he was brought back from death and began a long recovery process. Because of the accident his lifestyle had to change. He states that he was a hare but now he is a turtle. Super book. Quick read but will bring conviction to those of us who are achievers.

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Fr Scott said...

Fr. Joe,

I've been thoroughly enjoying Steve Sjogren's recent book "Irrisistible Evangelism". He and his colleagues sort of started the "servant evangelism" movement many years ago and this book is both a reflection on the movement's history and the lessons learned and their thoughts on where they see God going with it. Steve has a great web site too.

Fr Scott Howard